Credit bureaus and creditors do not benefit when consumers obtain a new credit file. According to the 1974 privacy Act you are not obligated to give your Social Security Number to private industry, CPN OR SCN numbers are legal and are to be used for credit purposes only and not for fraudulent intentions.

Obtaining a CPN OR SCN will not relinquish you from any previous debt. You are still legally responsible for your own debt.

Info from wikipedia.com:

“The CPN OR SCN is a nine-digit number that has the exact same genetic makeup of a Social Security Number. This is not a government issued number like an EIN or TIN. This number is NOT a new Social Security Number and NOT a tax ID or EIN. It is simply an available file number at the credit bureaus that can have financial information reported. You have the right to establish this number only once, so do not abuse it. This explanation is not here to advise anyone to misrepresent your Social Security Number, as you are completely responsible for any debts you incur using your these numbers.”


Each service provided has its own service agreement, but if there is an issue where a refund is in question, the request must be made in writing to: CPNgenerator@gmail.com. The management staff for that department will determine if this request will be approved and if so, for how much. When payments are made to company, services are being paid to vendors on clients’ behalf and we have to go through proper stages to retrieve said refunds. If a refund is to be rendered, said client must allow 21 business days for payment. The amount of refund will be placed in writing to client with an estimated delivery date of said refund and/or final decision. All files are subject to a $50 administrative fee. If you have received any part of your service(s), the cost(s) will be deducted from the amount of your refund.